What is a brandi, you may ask..

Brandi /ˈbrændi/ (Noun) a. A promoter of the Armed & Readi brand. Generally, the promoter will let friends, family, classmates, and that stylish gal next to you in the coffee shop know about the jewelry and accessories of A&R. The promoter will receive perks in the form of free goodies, discounts, or other rewards. b. An individual who utilizes the features of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets to promote Armed & Readi. c. Has absolutely nothing to do with the popular 90’s singer, Brandy.

Basically, being a brandi is like playing a grown up version of the telephone game… but we want the message to be whispered correctly. Sounds like fun, right? 

If you think you have what it takes to spread the word about our brand, then email us at info@armedandreadi.com for more details!