album review – crystal fighters “cave rave”

 Traditional Spanish music meets electronic dance music in Crystal Fighters’ latest album “Cave Rave” — and they actually pull it off. After spending time away in the hills of Spain’s Basque region, this British/Spanish band experimented with the unlikely combination of electronic and folk music for their sophomore LP, released May 27, and created a genre that is entirely their own.


“Cave Rave” takes the familiar sound of synths and up-tempo dance beats and spices it up with traditional Basque instruments we don’t even know how to pronounce, like the txalaparta and the txistu. The result is a light, feel-good album that will put you in a perpetual state of sunshine and summertime.


The album opens with “Wave,” a synth and drum-driven track full of energy, and the ukulele intro in Crystal Fighters’ latest single “You & I” is an instant pick-me-up. “Cave Rave” is infectiously catchy and reeks of summer music festivals. Whether you’re the type to lie in the grass and enjoy music from afar or you like to delve into the crowd and dance along, this album is conducive for both.


Catch Crystal Fighters at Firefly Music Festival June 21-23.


 Author: Natalie Taylor


June 10, 2013 by Brittany Carinci

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